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Peter Siroka, DPM

Podiatrist in Stamford, CT

Peter Y. Siroka, DPM

Peter Siroka, DPM
Dr. Peter Siroka
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Celebrating his 30th year in private practice, Dr. Peter Siroka is proud of his accomplishments in clinical, surgical, and diabetic foot care and sports medicine. As an active runner, swimmer and cyclist, Dr. Siroka is very attuned to the athlete and specializes in new groundbreaking treatments for tendon injuries including shockwave, and PRP-platelet rich plasma therapy for plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis.

Emphasizing conservative preventive care, treatment, and diagnosis of all foot problems, Dr. Siroka's practice includes sports medicine, general adult, pediatric, geriatric and diabetic foot care, as well as reconstructive surgery. Treating a diverse range of patients, Dr. Siroka maintains a quality practice in today's challenging medical environment, giving each patient ample time and care.