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  • Treating Your Bunions
    If you have a bunion, surgery is likely needed, but not inevitable. Surgical intervention will be recommended in severe cases, but there are many things that you and your podiatrist can Read more
  • How To Prevent Bunions
    Bunions are bony protrusions along the side of the foot near the base of the big toe. They can develop when the metatarsophalangeal joint that connects the large toe to Read more
  • Treatment Options For Bunions
    While many people think that bunions are just pesky bumps on the side-bottom portion of their big toe, they can be really serious since they change the affected toe’s anatomy, Read more
  • How We Can Help With Your Bunion Symptoms
    Bunions are a common foot problem. Although they tend to become more common as people age, anyone can develop a bunion. The most common symptom is a bony bump at Read more
  • Treating Bunions
    How your podiatrist in Stamford can help with bunion pain If you are suffering from bunion pain, you’re not alone. Bunions are a common foot problem, especially for women. A bunion Read more
  • Diagnosing and Treating Bunions
    Hallux valgus, better known as bunions, are a troublesome yet treatable problem that affects 23 to 35 percent of people according to a statistic published by Podiatry Today. When bunions Read more
  • Treating Your Bunions
    Bunions don’t always have to be painful. Find out how to best manage your symptoms. Bunions are more common than you may think. Whether an injury to your foot or wearing Read more
  • What Are Bunions?
    A bunion is an abnormal, bony prominence that develops on the joint at the base of your big toe. As the big toe joint becomes enlarged, it forces the toe Read more