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  • Conditions Treated by Podiatrists
    Podiatrists treat a diverse range of symptoms related to the feet and ankles. Whether you are dealing with an acute injury or a chronic condition, a podiatrist can develop a Read more
  • FAQs About Bunions
    Bunions are a common but painful condition and without treatment they could seriously impact your quality of life. Fortunately, bunions are typically treatable. If you or a loved one are Read more
  • What We Can Do About Heel Pain
    Minor heel pain may go away on its own after a few days of rest. But if it does not go away, it should be addressed to prevent it from progressing into Read more
  • FAQs About Plantar Fasciitis
    Plantar fasciitis (PF) is a common condition that can cause excruciating pain in your heel or foot. Dr. Peter Sikora, a podiatrist in Stamford, CT treats plantar fasciitis frequently. He Read more
  • The Importance Of Diabetic Foot Care
    Getting great diabetic foot care in Stamford, CT, is important for anybody going through long-term diabetic care. This condition can cause many serious issues with your feet that could lead Read more
  • Treating Your Bunions
    If you have a bunion, surgery is likely needed, but not inevitable. Surgical intervention will be recommended in severe cases, but there are many things that you and your podiatrist can Read more
  • How Orthotics Can Help Your Feet
    If you stay on your feet constantly or suffer from a foot condition, Dr. Peter Siroka provides custom orthotics in Stamford, CT to help address these issues. What Are Orthotics? Orthotics are Read more
  • Helping Treat Your Plantar Fasciitis
    Dealing with plantar fasciitis can be a huge pain, literally. Fortunately, your podiatrist, Dr. Peter Siroka, is here to help you find relief. Learn all about what to do if Read more
  • Help for a Sore Achilles Tendon
    Heel pain in Stamford, CT, can take many forms. In many cases, it can be the result of an injured Achilles tendon. Your Achilles tendon is what allows you to Read more
  • The Benefits Of Visiting A Podiatrist 2021
    Chronic foot problems or injuries can make daily activities hard. After all, we need our feet to stand, walk and run. If your feet are giving you problems and you Read more
  • Get The Treatment You Need For Plantar Fasciitis
    Getting the right medical assistance from your podiatrist, Dr. Peter Siroka, can relieve your plantar fasciitis discomfort in Stamford, CT. What Is Plantar Fasciitis? Plantar fasciitis is the inflammation of the plantar Read more
  • Long Term Benefits Of Seeing A Foot Doctor
    Visiting your Stamford, CT, foot doctor, Dr. Peter Siroka, offers a few advantages you may not have considered. Among the long-term benefits of podiatric care are: Reduced risk of chronic foot Read more
  • FAQs about Diabetic Foot Care
    Your podiatrist in Stamford, CT, can help your feet when you have diabetes. Do you have diabetes? If so, you need to find out all you can about how to protect Read more
  • Experiencing Heel Pain? It May Be Plantar Fasciitis
    Be able to spot the telltale signs of plantar fasciitis. If you are a dedicated runner, or if you simply spend most of the day on your feet, then you may Read more
  • How To Prevent Bunions
    Bunions are bony protrusions along the side of the foot near the base of the big toe. They can develop when the metatarsophalangeal joint that connects the large toe to Read more
  • Types of Custom Orthotics Available
    Do you suffer from foot, ankle, leg or back pain? Custom orthotics provided by your Stamford, CT, podiatrist, Dr. Peter Siroka, may offer the solution to your problem. What are orthotics? Your Read more