The Importance Of Diabetic Foot Care

The Importance Of Diabetic Foot Care

Getting great diabetic foot care in Stamford, CT, is important for anybody going through long-term diabetic care. This condition can cause many serious issues with your feet that could lead to troubles with walking or even potential amputation. There's no reason your condition has to get to that point if you work with Dr. Peter Siroka to handle this problem. Here's what you need to know about this situation.

How Diabetes Affects Your Feet

Diabetes can cause problems with nerve health in your extremities, particularly in your feet. This issue may develop into what is known as peripheral neuropathy. This condition includes nerve damage and even death that may cause many problems with your feet. For example, you may develop:

  • Loss of feeling in your feet that makes walking hard and may cause a higher falling risk
  • Trouble detecting temperatures and pain in your feet, leading to injuries
  • Poor healing processes in the feet may lead to infections
  • Tissue death in damaged foot areas, including around the toes

These health issues can affect anyone with diabetes and will vary in intensity based on how well you take care of your blood sugar. You may need to work with diabetic foot care in Stamford, CT, if you start noticing any neuropathy symptoms, such as tingling or loss of sensation in your feet at any time.

Taking Care of Your Feet

A diabetic foot doctor can help you better understand your problem by spotting where it originates and taking steps to improve your circulation. For example, they can teach you various physical therapy options that promote blood flow in your feet. These exercises can help minimize your neuropathy risk and keep your feet healthy. You may also get specialized foot care devices, like shoes, that keep your feet healthy.

You can also take steps to manage this problem yourself by doing self-care methods at home. For example, you should always keep your feet warm but avoid heating sources, like electric blankets, to avoid injury. Quit smoking and avoid sitting cross-legged to keep your blood flowing. Wash your feet and moisturize your feet, avoiding putting any between your toes to minimize any concerns.

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