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Treating Athletes Foot

Are your toes itchy and covered in a red rash? You may have tinea pedis, but don't be alarmed—that's just the official name for athlete's athlete's footfoot, a common condition regularly treated by your Fairfield County foot doctor, Dr. Peter Siroka. Although athlete's foot is annoying, it is very treatable. Read on to learn more!


What is athlete's foot?

The fungus that causes athlete's foot is the same one that causes jock itch or ringworm, all conditions that are characterized by an itchy, red, sometimes blistered rash. Athlete's foot usually starts between the toes, but it can spread to other areas on the foot, as well. It's also a contagious condition that thrives in damp, warm environments, so people who walk barefoot in public places like locker rooms or gymnasiums are at a higher risk for picking it up. If you have naturally sweaty feet or routinely wear dirty socks and tight-fitting shoes, the fungus is more likely to thrive on your skin. Your Fairfield foot doctor can usually recognize athlete's foot on sight—no diagnostic tests are typically needed to confirm.


How is athlete's foot treated?

There are a number of over-the-counter and home remedies available to manage the symptoms of athlete's foot, but they aren't always effective at killing the fungus completely. You're also at risk for re-infection if you don't properly clean all the surfaces and laundry that your feet may have come into contact with. Prescription medication, whether it's topical or oral, is only available through your Fairfield County foot doctor. Seeking the help of a podiatrist is especially important if you're diabetic, if the rash has ulcerated/looks infected, or if you think the fungus may be affecting your toenails as well.


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