Caring for Your Feet as a Diabetic

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Caring for Your Feet as a Diabetic

What your podiatrist in Stamford wants you to knowdiabetic foot care

Diabetes is a systemic disease with far-reaching effects. In fact, diabetes can dramatically affect your feet! That means you need to take special care of your feet if you are diabetic, so your feet can take care of you. Dr. Peter Siroka in Stamford, CT wants to share how you can protect your feet from damage if you have diabetes.

Diabetes is a common medical condition, affecting over 29 million people in the U.S. according to the American Diabetes Association. People with diabetes experience circulatory, immune, and nervous system changes that can affect your feet. Here’s what you can do:

  • Wash and dry your feet daily to prevent infection
  • Apply moisturizing creams or lotions to prevent your skin from drying and cracking
  • Keep toenails trimmed straight across to prevent ingrown toenails
  • Examine your feet daily and look for any cuts or open sores
  • Exercise your feet daily by stretching to increase circulation

These simple steps can do a lot to prevent foot complications from diabetes. When you have diabetes, the impaired blood flow from changes to the circulatory system can cause tissue death and possible amputations. Exercising and massaging your feet can help.

Immune system problems can mean that a simple cut or sore on your foot can become infected, resulting in a painful diabetic ulcer. Applying antibacterial cream and bandages to affected areas can help. For an open wound that doesn’t heal or gets worse, it’s best to visit Dr. Siroka.

Nervous system problems can result in a condition called diabetic neuropathy causing heightened nerve pain in your extremities. You may also injure your feet and not even realize it because of damaged nerves in your feet. Wearing supportive footwear and avoiding going barefoot can help prevent injuries.

For more detailed information about treating your feet when you are a diabetic, please visit the Diabetic Foot Care page on Dr. Siroka’s website at

Visiting your podiatrist regularly is a vital part of caring for your feet, especially if you are diabetic. Your feet are an important part of you and require special care. To find out more about caring for your feet call Dr. Siroka in Stamford, CT today!